The Best Podcast Intro Music: Tips and Tricks to Help You Decide the Perfect Intro

Best Podcast Intro Music
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Listeners give you about 30 seconds before they bounce onto another podcast and so you need to make every second count. These initial moments usually consist of  recap or a preview followed by music. Now the recap or preview is dependent on the episode but what will remain constant is the music. So, how do you pick the best podcast intro music?

If you play your cards right, intro music can easily elevate your audience’s listening experience.  It’s a way to make your podcast instantly recognizable right from the get-go. Let’s see how you can make the right choice.

1. What Is Good Intro Music for a Podcast?

There is no definite path to selecting good intro music for your podcast. The kind of music you end up going with should be a direct reflection of your podcast. It acts as an audio logo of sorts, something that users will hear the moment they tune in and with time it will become a part of the core identity of your podcast. Additionally, good intro music is also one that sets the mood and tone for your podcast. 

2. How to Pick the Best Podcast Intro Music

 How to Pick the Best Podcast Intro Music

2.1. Keep It Short and Sweet

The intro music should not be long and winding-  a good intro like we mentioned before sets the tone of your show and piques the users’ curiosity about what’s coming next. So, keep the intro to less than 30 seconds otherwise you might have people who bounce before the show has even begun. The ideal amount is even shorter at 15 seconds.

2.2. Consider the Tone Of Your Show

Be strategic about your selection and match the music to the content of your show. You cannot have ominous intro music if you are talking about something light and fun. To make it easier for you to pick the right music you can begin by listing out the feelings that you want to evoke when a person hears the music i.e. happy, sad, moody and upbeat. You can use any adjective.

2.3. Pick a Music Track Over a Song

While you may be tempted to take a song, take a 15-second chunk and then make it your intro, take our advice, and don’t do that. It might work, but the goal of an intro is instant recall value. The last thing you want is people to hear your tune and go on a hunt to figure which song it is from. That will mean they aren’t invested in the contents of your podcast.. A music track is a better option. If you are talking over the music track then ensure that it is not too loud otherwise the end result will be unpleasant for your listeners. 

3. Types of Podcast Music

 Types of Podcast Music

3.1. Royalty-Free

Royalty-free music consists of sounds that are created specifically for podcasts and other content mediums that require music. You might have referred to them as stock or library music as well. They are available to use across the world but the catch with this kind of music is that everyone has access to this music. This means that you need to be careful with picking out this podcast music. 

While royalty-free music can be a great option for podcasters, not all royalty-free music is the same. For example, sometimes you might need to pay a one-time fee to be able to use the music whenever you want. Other times you might need to pay a fee every time you use the clip. When it comes to intro music we recommend staying away from this kind of music as the costs can add up fast. 

3.2. Public Domain

Public domain songs are basically music pieces whose copyright has expired. However nice this option sounds there are still caveats associated with this option. One of the major ones is that copyright laws across the world vary. The piece of music you want to use might be out of copyright in one place but still, be under it in another country. Considering what a global medium podcasting is, this is one problem you do want to end up in. 

Another issue is that to use a very old recording you might need to have access to its original vinyl recording. Since the remastered digital version might have a different copyright associated with it. We recommend you get some legal advice if your heart is set on a certain piece of out-of-copyright song. 

3.3. Creative Commons License

There are certain pieces of music that are copyrighted with a creative commons license. This implies that you are free to use them as the license allows for free distribution of the music. Even though this music is free to use there are some limitations. You might have to give credit to the musician in question, 

Other limitations are non-commercial usage which means as long as your podcast is free to listen to, it’s fine. If it’s behind a paywall, then there might be an issue and open you up to liability. The last limitation is share-alike which means that your podcast is also governed by the same terms of distribution as that of the music you are using. 

4. Best Podcast Intro Music: 20 Top Tracks

Best Podcast Intro Music:  20 Top Tracks

4.1 Upbeat and Energetic Funky Groove

This is a great sound if you are looking to infuse some energy to your intro. With the regular occurrence of hey!, Upbeat and Energetic Funky Groove is one of the best podcast intro music pieces for a fun vibrant opening.

4.2. Upbeat Uplifting Fresh & Inspiring Pop

Upbeat Uplifting Fresh & Inspiring Pop

Want a summer-inspired sound to liven up your intro? Upbeat Uplifting Fresh & Inspiring Pop is a good choice. As the name suggests the sound is a mix of some great electro instruments. These include acoustic guitar, percussion and drums. 

4.3. Uplifting & Inspiring Corporate

Uplifting & Inspiring Corporate is one of those sounds that feels generic but quickly becomes an earworm. It is a stunning upbeat sound that can easily work for a number of different kinds of podcasts. Variations of this sound can be seamlessly integrated into segment changes as well. 

4.4. Happy

If your podcast is targeting a younger audience then Happy is the track you need to consider. The track has a vibrant sound that features acoustic guitars, ukulele, piano, bells, percussion and bass.

4.5. Happy Indie Pop Guitar

For a mature spin on the Happy sound, have a look at Happy Indie Pop Guitar. This is another sunny music piece that is played on a classic pop telecaster guitar. The music also has synth leads, percussion, a drum, and a guitar. 

4.6. Upbeat Corporate Background

If a cheerful track is what you are aiming for then the Upbeat Corporate Background fits the bill. This sound builds up over time and with the right voice over will make the best podcast intro music.

4.7. Upbeat Corporate

Upbeat corporate is a sound that is a callback to the fun commercial of the 90s, which was incidentally the height of pop music. If you are looking to add some oomph to your educational, marketing, or lifestyle podcast, give this a try. 

4.8. Upbeat Pop

Upbeat pop is one of those sounds that can easily translate to being a signature sound. The perfect sound to accompany a fun voice-over, this is a breezy sound that features a great vocal arrangement as well. 

4.9. Energetic & Upbeat Indie Rock

Looking for fast-paced fun intro music? Energetic & Upbeat Indie Rock is the one for you. Featuring an extremely catchy guitar hook along with whistling and some vocal elements. This sound is bound to get you some tapping feet.

4.10. Podcast Intro Background

As the name suggests Podcast Intro Background, is kind of the sound that makes the perfect beginning to a podcast. Featuring bass and light drums this music will add a light happy dimension to your intro.

4.11. Happy Life

A groovy addition to this list is Happy Life. This upbeat infectious track is one of the best podcast intro music tracks. Especially if you are looking for your track to have a vocal arrangement, this one is a good choice to check out.

4.12. The Funky Podcast Intro

 The Funky Podcast Intro is a classic callback to the 70, reimagined in a modern manner. The trumpets in the music can easily help create a fun intro. It is a nostalgic sound but with a modern twist. 

4.13. News

This one is obvious but we will still cover it. If you have a podcast that covers the daily News then you need to check out News. Featuring timpani, synth bass, strings, and pads, this is an elegant and expressive track.

4.14. Happy Dance Pop

 Happy Dance Pop

Commercial sounding, EDM-inspired tracks also make for great podcast intro music. They create immediate recall value and a little of a head bop is always appreciated. Happy dance pop is all of these things and more. It features a powerful bass, guitar, and drums making it a complete bop.

4.15. Indie Rock

If you are looking for something a little more alternative in nature, then Indie Rock should catch your attention. It’s a fast-tempo track and features background vocals that convey feelings of transformation.

4.16. Epic Motivational Energetic Upbeat Rock

A good classic rock and roll sound can also transform into a great podcast intro if balanced correctly. Epic Motivational Energetic Upbeat Rock is one track that manages to do precisely that. You have energetic drums and strings coming together to be 

7. FAQs

Do you need intro music for a podcast?

Yes, you do need intro music for a podcast. Music increases the production value of your podcast which in turn helps retain and get more listeners. 

Where can I get music for my podcast intro?

There are plenty of places you can get music for your podcast intro. You can hire a composer or you can check out sites like Soundstripe, Audio Jungle and Tune Pocket.

Should my podcast have intro music?

Yes, your podcast should have intro music as it will help you create a recall value for your podcast and increase the overall production value as well. 

Can I use any song for my podcast intro?

No, you can’t use any song for your podcast intro. Every song gas copyright and licensing behind it. So, once you can get the rights for the publisher or the person who holds the master records, you can use the song.

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