What Companies Sponsor Podcasts – Top 10 Sponsors to Look In 2023

What Companies Sponsor Podcasts - Top 10 Sponsors to Look In 2023
April 4, 2023 By / In Planning and Growth

Are you a fan of podcasts? Well, have you ever noticed how your favorite podcast hosts always give a shout-out to their sponsors at the beginning of the episode? Ever wondered what companies sponsor podcasts? These sponsors are usually companies that support the podcast by providing financial backing, and in turn, the podcast hosts give them some airtime to promote their products or services.

In today’s digital age, more and more companies recognize the power of podcast advertising. By sponsoring podcasts, they can reach a highly engaged and loyal audience, who are often very receptive to the products and services being promoted. It’s a win-win situation for both the companies and the podcasts, as the companies get exposure to a targeted audience, and the podcasts get the financial support they need to keep producing great content.

So if you’re a company looking to boost your brand awareness and reach a new audience, sponsoring a podcast might be a great option to consider. And if you’re a podcast listener, you can feel good knowing that by supporting the sponsors, you’re helping to keep your favorite shows running. So what companies sponsor podcasts, and what kind of sponsorships should you be looking for? 

In this article, we’ll explore what podcast sponsorships look like, how to get sponsorships, and the top 15 companies that sponsor podcasts.

1. What Are Podcast Sponsors?

Podcast sponsors are companies or individuals who provide financial support to a podcast in exchange for advertising or promotional opportunities. For example, sponsors typically pay the podcast host to read scripted or unscripted ads. They even provide products or services to be featured or reviewed on the podcast. Most of the popular podcast sponsors help podcasters cover production costs, generate revenue, and reach new audiences. 

So, what companies sponsor podcasts? There are a wide variety of companies that are interested in sponsoring podcasts, including both large and small businesses.

2. Where to find Podcast Sponsors?

  • Use Podcast Advertising Marketplaces 

When it comes to what companies sponsor podcasts, there are endless possibilities. Platforms like AdvertiseCast, Podcorn, and Midroll Media connect podcasters with potential sponsors. These marketplaces allow podcasters to create an account, set advertising rates, and connect with potential sponsors. They take a commission on all advertising sales. Some even connect podcasters with advertisers for host-read ads, programmatic advertising, and branded content. For instance, Midroll Media works with some of the industry’s largest podcast networks and advertisers.

  • Reach Out to Companies Directly

Identify companies that align with your podcast’s niche and target audience. Research their marketing initiatives and see if they have previously worked with other podcasters. When reaching out to a potential sponsor, craft a personalized pitch highlighting why their brand would be a good fit for your podcast. Show them that you have done your research and understand their marketing goals.

  • Join Podcasting Communities

Participate in online communities like podcasting Facebook groups or subreddits to connect with other podcasters and potential sponsors. There are several Facebook groups for podcasters, such as Podcasters’ Support Group and Podcasting Technology Resources. Join these groups to ask for advice, connect with other podcasters, and potentially connect with sponsors. In addition, attend podcasting events like Podcast Movement, Podfest, or She Podcasts. These events offer opportunities to network with other podcasters and potential sponsors.

3. Factors to Consider When Finding Podcast Sponsors

  • Demographics of Audience

When it comes to finding what companies sponsor podcasts, you should first understand your target audience. The sponsor you find should be a good fit for your podcast’s audience. Ensure the sponsor’s products or services align with your listeners’ interests and needs. The demographic information relevant to sponsors includes age, gender, income level, education level, geographic location, and interests. For example, if your podcast’s audience is primarily female, aged 25-45, with interest in health and wellness, you should reach out to sponsors in that industry.

  • Advertising Budget

When you are looking at what companies sponsor podcasts ,consider the sponsor’s budget and the rates you charge for advertising opportunities. Ensure you are offering fair rates that reflect the value of your podcast. Also, determine the length of the sponsorship partnership. Is it a one-time opportunity or a longer-term partnership? Make sure both parties are clear on the length of the partnership. The podcast sponsorship pricing might vary depending on the term of your partnership

4. 10 Top Podcast Sponsors to Look In 2023

4.1 DraftKings

DraftKings is a sports betting and daily fantasy sports company that may be interested in sponsoring sports-related podcasts. As part of their marketing strategy, they have invested in sponsoring podcasts, which is a great way to reach a large and engaged audience. DraftKings has sponsored a variety of podcasts, but they tend to focus on those that are related to sports, gaming, and fantasy sports. These podcasts include some of the most popular and well-established shows in these genres, such as “The Pat McAfee Show” and “The Ringer NFL Show.”  

If your podcast covers sports news, analysis, or betting tips, you may be a good fit for DraftKings. Additionally, if your podcast reaches a large and engaged audience, that may be another selling point for securing a sponsorship. Finally, if your sports podcast has an engaged audience and aligns well with DraftKings’ brand values and goals, a sponsorship from DraftKings could be a great way to monetize your podcast and grow your audience.

4.2 BetterHelp

BetterHelp is an online therapy platform that provides access to licensed therapists and mental health professionals for people seeking mental health support. As a podcast sponsor, BetterHelp can help spread the word about the availability and accessibility of online therapy to a broad audience.  They have invested in sponsoring podcasts, which is a great way to reach a large and engaged audience who are likely to be interested in mental health and wellness.

By sponsoring a podcast, BetterHelp can help you reach out to people seeking information and support for their mental health. In addition, this sponsorship can help to destigmatize seeking therapy, encourage people to take care of their mental health, and raise awareness of the importance of mental health support. 

BetterHelp has sponsored a variety of podcasts, but they tend to focus on those that are related to mental health and wellness, personal development, and self-help. These podcasts include some of the most popular and well-established shows in these genres, such as “The Tim Ferriss Show” and “The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes.”  “The Tim Ferriss Show” is one of the most popular self-help and personal development podcasts, with millions of downloads per episode, while “The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes” is specifically targeted to those interested in personal growth and self-improvement. 

4.3 Audible Inc

Audible podcast sponsorship helps you reach a broad audience and increase awareness of its brand and services. Audible Inc. is an online audiobook and podcast platform that offers its users a vast selection of audiobooks, original content, and podcasts. They have sponsored a variety of podcasts, but they tend to focus on those that are related to books, literature, and storytelling. These podcasts include some of the most popular and well-established shows in these genres, such as “The New Yorker: Fiction” and “The Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor.”

Audible’s podcast sponsorship also relies heavily on host endorsements and testimonials. By providing podcast hosts with a free subscription to their platform or with free audiobooks to try out and review on their show, Audible is able to build relationships with podcast hosts and gain more authentic and personal endorsements that resonate with listeners.

Audible’s free trial offer is a critical component of its podcast sponsorship strategy. The free trial offer typically provides new users with a 30-day free trial and one free audiobook. This offer allows listeners to try out the Audible platform and experience the benefits of audiobooks without any commitment. The free trial offer also helps to incentivize listeners to try out the platform, which can lead to more conversions and long-term customers for Audible.

4.4 Squarespace Inc

Squarespace Inc. is a website builder and hosting company that provides a platform for businesses and individuals to create and manage their websites. It can reach a broad audience of people looking to develop their website, start an online business, or improve their online presence. Squarespace collaborates with podcast hosts to create exclusive content showcasing its platform’s features and benefits. 

Another key component of Squarespace’s podcast sponsorship is its promotion of design and branding. Squarespace emphasizes the importance of having a professional and visually appealing website, and its platform is designed to make it easy for users to create a website that looks great and represents their brand. By promoting this focus on design and branding, Squarespace is able to differentiate itself from competitors and provide more value to its customers.

Squarespace has sponsored a wide range of podcasts across various genres. Some of the podcasts that have been sponsored by Squarespace include – 99% Invisible, How I Built This, and My Favorite Murder

4.5 DoorDash

DoorDash is a food delivery service that has sponsored several podcasts. DoorDash’s podcast sponsorships have been an effective way for the company to reach potential customers and build brand awareness. The company typically uses a mix of pre-roll and mid-roll ads to showcase its offerings to listeners. DoorDash’s podcast sponsorship strategy is an effective way to reach a targeted audience of food enthusiasts and increase brand awareness. DoorDash has sponsored a variety of podcasts across different genres, including true crime, comedy, and food-related shows.

One example of a DoorDash podcast sponsorship is their partnership with the popular true-crime podcast “My Favorite Murder.” In this sponsorship, DoorDash offered listeners a discount on their first order and encouraged them to use the promo code provided during checkout. This partnership was effective because it allowed DoorDash to reach a large audience of true crime enthusiasts who were likely to be interested in the convenience of having food delivered to their door.

DoorDash has also partnered with a variety of well-known podcasts, such as “The Daily” from The New York Times, “Armchair Expert” with Dax Shepard, and “The Daily Zeitgeist” from iHeartRadio. 

4.6 QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a SaaS company that provides accounting software to small businesses. QuickBooks’ podcast sponsorship strategy allows the company to target a specific audience of small business owners who are likely to be interested in using their accounting software to manage their finances. This targeted approach helps to ensure that the company’s advertising dollars are being spent on an audience that is more likely to become customers.

QuickBooks offers a consistent, dependable, and personalized experience for hosts and listeners alike. They provide exclusive discounts for larger contracts, making them an excellent choice for those with an established audience. It also offers various other services to help podcast hosts and producers. They provide access to a network of professionals who can help with marketing, advertising, and other aspects of podcast production. They also offer a range of tools and resources to help podcast hosts and producers create the best possible content for their listeners. 

QuickBooks has partnered with various popular podcasts, such as “How I Built This” and “Entrepreneur on Fire“. By partnering with established podcasts with a large and dedicated audience, QuickBooks is able to reach a wide and engaged audience of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

4.7 Kroger

Kroger, one of the largest grocery store chains in the United States, has been investing in podcast sponsorships to promote its brand and offerings. The company’s podcast sponsorships typically feature a mix of promotional messages and editorial content, such as interviews with Kroger employees or partners. This strategy allows Kroger to connect with podcast listeners more engagingly and authentically than traditional advertising.

One of the key messages in Kroger’s podcast sponsorships is its commitment to quality and selection. The company emphasizes that it sources products from local and regional producers, offering customers fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables, and other items. Kroger also highlights its partnerships with third-party certification programs that help ensure the quality and safety of its products. By doing so, the company aims to differentiate itself from other grocery chains and position itself as a trusted source of high-quality, fresh food.

As a part of their marketing strategy, they offer exclusive discounts on groceries through their rewards program, making them an ideal choice for podcasts that cover food-related topics. With Kroger, hosts can turn their passion into profit with ease. Kroger reached a diverse audience of listeners interested in various topics. This allows Kroger to target their advertising efforts to specific groups of people who are more likely to be interested in its products and services, such as grocery delivery or in-store shopping.

Some popular podcasts sponsored by Kroger are – The Splendid Table, The Dave Ramsey Show, and Stuff You Should Know

4.8 ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is a popular online employment marketplace that connects employers and job seekers. As a large and growing company, One of the ways that ZipRecruiter has reached out to consumers in recent years is through podcast sponsorships. Podcast sponsorships are advertising companies pay to have their products or services mentioned or featured on a podcast. 

With a recent focus on podcast sponsorships, ZipRecruiter has become a go-to for those seeking sponsors for their shows. One of the key messages in ZipRecruiter’s podcast sponsorships is the platform’s ability to save employers time and effort in the recruitment process. The company emphasizes that employers can post their job openings on ZipRecruiter with just a few clicks and that the platform’s algorithm will match job seekers to the right roles based on their skills and experience. This message is particularly relevant for small business owners and hiring managers who may not have the resources or expertise to handle a large volume of job applications.

Another key message in ZipRecruiter’s podcast sponsorships is the company’s commitment to transparency and fairness in the recruitment process. The company emphasizes that it screens all job postings and job seekers to prevent fraud and discrimination and that it provides tools to help employers comply with relevant laws and regulations. 

Some popular podcasts sponsored by ZipRecruiter include – The Joe Rogan EXperience, Planet Money, and Serial.  

4.9 PureTalk

PureTalk is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that provides affordable cellular phone services to customers in the United States. As a growing company, PureTalk has used various forms of advertising to promote its services and attract new customers. One of the ways that PureTalk has reached out to consumers in recent years is through podcast sponsorships.  

PureTalk’s messaging in its podcast sponsorship is focused on communicating the company’s unique value proposition and demonstrating how its products and services can benefit potential customers. By highlighting its competitive pricing, reliable service, and excellent customer service, PureTalk is able to differentiate itself from other mobile phone carriers and demonstrate the value of its offerings to a wider audience.

PureTalk has sponsored podcasts focusing on tech, finance, and personal development. Some examples are “The Clark Howard Show” and “How to Money.” These podcasts are popular among listeners who are interested in personal finance and technology, which aligns with PureTalk’s target audience.

4.10 GoodRx

GoodRX is one of the most popular podcast sponsors. They advertise throughout the nation and specialize in delivering discounts on prescription medications. They have also diversified into offering discounts for over-the-counter medicines and nutrition products. With GoodRx, podcast hosts can boost their income while providing valuable savings to listeners.

They typically advertise their services through a pre-recorded message or live-read from the podcast host. GoodRx’s podcast sponsorship strategy effectively reaches a targeted audience of podcast listeners interested in saving money on prescription drugs. GoodRx’s podcast ads often include educational content that helps listeners understand how the company’s platform works and how it can benefit them. The sponsored ads may explain how to use the GoodRx website or app to find the lowest prices for their medications or highlight specific features that make the platform easy to use and navigate.

GoodRx has sponsored podcasts that appeal to a broad audience, such as “The Joe Rogan Experience” and “Armchair Expert,” as well as health-related podcasts like “This Podcast Will Kill You” and “Sickboy.” By sponsoring a variety of podcasts with different audiences, GoodRx is able to reach a wider and more diverse audience of potential customers who may be interested in its services.


  • How Much Does a Podcast Sponsor Pay?

The amount a podcast sponsor pays can vary widely depending on several factors. This includes the size and reach of the podcast audience, the type of product or service being advertised, and the duration and frequency of the sponsorship. Some podcast sponsorships may involve a flat fee, while others may be based on a per-episode or per-thousand-listeners basis. As a result, the cost can range from a few hundred dollars for a small podcast with a niche audience to tens of thousands of dollars for a more significant podcast with a broader audience.

  • Do Podcasts Have Sponsors?

Yes, many podcasts have sponsors. Podcasts are a popular platform for advertising. They offer a highly engaged and loyal audience who are often passionate about the podcast’s topic. Sponsors can be companies, organizations, or individuals who pay to have their product or service promoted on a podcast.

  • What companies sponsor podcasts?

Almost all kinds of companies sponsor podcasts. You can find them through Advertising Marketplaces, reaching out directly or through podcast communities,

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