20 Best Finance Podcasts That Help You Achieve Financial Security

20 Best Finance Podcasts That Help You Achieve Financial Security
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Managing your finances can be daunting in today’s fast-paced world. That’s why finance podcasts have become a popular source of information for people seeking financial security. Some of the best finance podcasts offer insights and advice from financial experts, personal finance bloggers, and everyday people who have achieved financial freedom. They cover various topics, from budgeting and saving to investing and retirement planning. 

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting, these 20 best finance podcasts can provide the information and guidance you need to make informed financial decisions and reach your financial goals.

What Is a Finance Podcast?

A finance podcast is a medium for conveying financial concepts and advice to listeners, usually in an accessible, conversational way. Usually, these podcasts feature interviews with financial professionals with expertise in specific topics like budgeting, investing, personal finance, and even financial technology. They understandably explain concepts and provide actionable advice on pursuing your financial goals.

Finance podcasts can be a great way to stay updated on the latest financial news and trends. The best finance podcasts for beginners offer advice on how to start investing, how to save for retirement, and how to build wealth. By listening to investment best finance podcasts, you can better understand the financial world and make more informed financial decisions.

1. Why Should You Listen to Finance Podcasts?

  • Provides Actionable Advice 

Finance podcasts feature professionals talking about topics that provide actionable advice to listeners. For instance, the best financial podcasts for young adults offer budgeting advice and how to set up a budget that works best for them. Of course, your need for financial advice may vary from person to person, depending on your financial goals. Nevertheless, podcasts can provide a valuable source of advice and guidance on many topics related to financial freedom

  • Stays Up To Date 

It is challenging to keep up with the current financial news related to the stock market, investments, or retirement planning. But with a podcast, you can stay up-to-date on the latest news and developments in the finance world. In addition, the best finance podcasts feature interviews with successful investors and entrepreneurs who share their stories and provide valuable insight into the world of finance.

  • Easier To Follow 

Podcasts are generally easier to follow when compared to books or other written material because they are presented as a conversation and not densely packed facts or technical terminology. Podcasts are great because they are portable — since you can listen to the podcast anytime and from anywhere. Listening to these stories, you can better understand the financial landscape and how to make the most of your money.

2. 20 Best Finance Podcasts That Help Gain Financial Security

2.1 Afford Anything

Afford Anything is a weekly podcast hosted by Paula Pant. She talks about minimalism, real estate investing, travel hacking, and more. It focuses primarily on compound strategies and habits related to money that lead to effortless financial security. This podcast is especially suitable if you seek practical advice tailored toward curbing everyday lifestyle expenses. 

In addition to the topics mentioned, Paula Pant also covers budgeting and debt management. She also interviews experts in the field of personal finance, providing listeners with valuable insights and advice. The podcast is available on all major streaming platforms and is an excellent resource for anyone looking to understand their finances better.

2.2 BiggerPockets

BiggerPockets is a popular personal finance and real estate investing podcast. The show covers diverse topics, including budgeting, saving, debt reduction, and investment strategies, focusing on real estate investing. The hosts, David Greene and Rob Abasolo are real estate investors who bring their practical experience and expertise to the show.  They explain real estate investing in simple and concrete terms. 

They interview successful real estate investors, financial experts, and personal finance bloggers to give listeners actionable tips and advice for building wealth through real estate. With hundreds of episodes, there is plenty of material to binge on for topics that interest you. 

2.3 ChooseFI

ChooseFI is a podcast that stands for Financial Independence. It was created by bloggers Jonathan Mendonsa and Brad Barrett after their journey toward attaining financial independence. This weekly podcast focuses on side hustles, housing hacks, travel rewards, and more through discussions with other successful professionals who chose the path toward financial independence. Choose FI emphasizes the freedom that comes with achieving financial independence.

The podcast also provides practical advice on how to achieve financial independence. It covers topics such as budgeting, investing, and debt management. It also offers resources to help listeners understand the basics of financial planning and how to create a plan that works for them. Additionally, the podcast offers interviews with experts in the field of financial independence, providing valuable insight into the process.

2.4 Exchanges at Goldman Sachs

Exchanges at Goldman Sachs is one of the best finance podcasts produced by Goldman Sachs, a leading global investment banking and securities firm. The podcast provides insights and perspectives on a wide range of topics related to finance and economics, including markets, investments, technology, and global trends. 

The episodes feature discussions with Goldman Sachs experts, industry leaders, and thought-provoking guests worldwide. The podcast provides listeners with a unique opportunity to hear from some of the top minds in finance and to gain a deeper understanding of the economic and financial issues shaping the world today. Whether you’re a seasoned investor, a student of economics, or simply interested in the financial world, Exchanges at Goldman Sachs is a valuable resource for anyone looking to stay informed and ahead of the curve.

2.5 Fast Money Podcast

Fast Money Podcast is hosted by CNBC’s Melissa Lee, who brings you fast-paced financial analysis, stock market recaps, and interviews with top business leaders and experts. Every day they cover topics such as earnings, stocks & bonds, economy & rates, macroeconomics & geopolitics. So there’s something for everyone, no matter what their interest in the markets is.

The podcast also features a segment called “Chart of the Day,” which highlights the most important chart of the day and provides an in-depth analysis of the graph. Additionally, the podcast offers a “Trade of the Day” segment, which provides listeners with a specific stock or ETF to watch and trade. This segment benefits those looking to enter the stock market and needs some guidance.

2.6 Her Money Podcast

Hosted by journalist Jean Chatzky, Her Money Podcast covers personal finance issues for women. She covers topics such as money mindset tips, relationships with money, and how to manage debt & credit. The podcast features interviews with financial experts, successful women in business, and everyday women who have taken control of their finances. In addition, Jean provides actionable advice and tips that women can use to improve their financial situation. 

In addition to her podcast, Jean Chatzky also offers a variety of resources on her website, including articles, videos, and webinars. She also offers a free newsletter that provides subscribers with the latest news and updates on personal finance topics.

2.7 How to Money

How to Money is a personal finance podcast that provides practical and actionable advice on managing your money and building wealth. The podcast is hosted by Joel and Matt, who bring a mix of humor and expertise to the show. The show covers various topics, including budgeting, saving, investing, and reducing debt. 

It also features interviews with financial experts, successful entrepreneurs, and everyday people who have taken control of their finances. The hosts provide actionable insights and commentary on investment opportunities.  

2.8 Invest Like the Best

Invest Like the Best, hosted by Patrick O’Shaughnessy, is geared toward helping you make smarter investing decisions. It is hosted regularly, with Patrick interviewing investors and experts from around the world about venture capital and technology investing. Each episode comprehensively offers deep insights into investing in the modern era.

The podcast covers asset allocation, market analysis, behavioral finance, and more. The main objective is to provide listeners with insights and advice on investing for the long term and building a solid financial future.

2.9 Meaningful Money

Meaningful Money is amongst the best finance podcasts hosted by Pete Matthew, a Certified Financial Planner in the UK. The podcast encourages listeners to focus on building wealth correctly and using money to live better lives. It covers many topics like financial planning, buy-to-let investments, tax planning, pensions, and more. Plus, through its online courses, you can get further advice on how to make your money work.

The podcast also features interviews with experts in the financial industry, providing listeners with valuable insights and advice. It also offers a range of resources, such as downloadable worksheets and guides, to help people make the most of their money. With its helpful tips and advice, the Meaningful Money podcast is an excellent resource for anyone looking to make the most of their finances.

2.10 Millennial Investing

Millennial Investing podcast goes beyond finance to discuss how Millennials can use the money to their advantage. Hosted by Robert Leonard and Rebecca Hotsko, it covers topics like a stress-free way to invest, the power of compounding interest, budgeting basics, and more. In addition, the podcast provides simple wisdom that the modern generation needs to make wise investments.

The podcast also offers advice on how to save for retirement, diversify investments, and make the most of the stock market. It also provides tips on how to manage debt, how to build credit, and other financial decisions. With the help of the Millennial Investing podcast, Millennials can gain the knowledge and confidence they need to make sound investments.

2.11 Money for the Rest of Us

Money for the Rest of Us podcast, hosted by J. David Stein, is an informative podcast that encourages more people to take control of their own money. Its conversations feature tips and strategies that help listeners grow their wealth in various areas. It is ideal for anyone looking to become financially independent and take the right step in investing and money management.

The podcast covers various topics, from simple investments to more complex ones like estate planning. It also provides insights into the current economic climate and how it affects investments. Additionally, the podcast offers advice on how to manage debt and build a strong financial foundation. With its comprehensive approach, the Money for the Rest of Us podcast is an excellent resource for anyone looking to understand personal finance better.

2.12 Optimal Finance Daily

Optimal Finance Daily podcast endeavors to help its listeners create good financial habits. This podcast is perfect for those getting started managing their financial assets through interviews with industry experts and reliable advice from real-life stories. The show features brief commentary and insights from the host, Joel Larsgaard, on topics such as saving money, reducing debt, investing in the stock market, and more. 

The podcast also provides practical tips and strategies to help listeners make the most of their money. With a focus on personal finance, the podcast is an excellent resource for anyone looking to get a better handle on their finances.

2.13 Smart Passive Income (Spi)

For those who want to have more of a passive income, then the Smart Passive Income (SPI) is perfect for them. Hosted by Pat Flynn, each episode explores business opportunities that allow you more control over your finances without spending all your time working. It provides insights into ways to build additional income channels for start-ups and other entrepreneurs.

The podcast also covers topics such as creating a successful online business, using social media to promote your business, and creating a passive income stream. Additionally, Pat Flynn interviews successful entrepreneurs and provides tips and advice on becoming successful in the business world. With the help of the Smart Passive Income podcast, you can learn how to create a successful business and achieve financial freedom

2.14 The Better Finance Podcast

The Better Finance Podcast looks into how individuals can plan and manage their finances to reach financial success. Hosted by Myles Corson, it offers strategies on investing, budgeting, entrepreneurial pursuits, and more. This podcast also provides tangible steps to take toward financial security.

The show is hosted by a finance expert who interviews other experts in the industry and provides in-depth analysis, actionable tips, and practical strategies for listeners. 

2.15 The Clark Howard Podcast

he Clark Howard Podcast intelligently promotes consumerism. Hosted by Clark Howard himself, it shares tips on smart shopping and debt management as well as provides updates on current affairs related to personal finance. With federal agencies and consumer advocates on board, Clark Howard’s show offers an invaluable resource for learning about consumer protection laws and tips on saving big with your finances.

The podcast also features interviews with experts in the field of personal finance, allowing listeners to learn from the best. Additionally, Clark Howard’s show provides a platform for people to share their stories and experiences with consumerism, giving listeners a unique insight into personal finance. With its informative and entertaining content, the Clark Howard Podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking to make better investments.

2.16 The Dave Ramsey Show

The Dave Ramsey Show has become a renowned name in personal finance. This show is hosted by Dave Ramsey and consists of personality interviews that discuss home ownership and entrepreneurship topics. It also dives deeper into conversations about money management, giving invaluable information about all areas of financial management.

The show also gives listeners practical advice on managing their finances. Ramsey offers budgeting tips, saving, investing, and strategies for paying off debt and building wealth. He also guides how to work on insurance, taxes, and other financial matters. With his straightforward approach and no-nonsense advice, Ramsey has become a trusted source of financial advice for millions of people.

2.17 The Money Guy Show

The Money Guy Show is another great podcast by Brian Preston and Bo Hanson. They provide discussions ranging from tax issues and landing investments to homeowner’s insurance shopping techniques. Each episode educates listeners on managing their finances with an easy-to-follow structure. 

The Money Guy Show is an excellent resource for anyone who understands their finances better. The hosts provide knowledge and advice on strategic investment, financial goals, and short-term and long-term money management. They also offer helpful tips on saving money and building your wealth. You can make the most of your money with their expertise and guidance.

2.18 Women and Money

Women and Money is a podcast hosted by Suze Orman on personal finance for women. Suze Orman is a renowned financial advisor and author helping people move in the right direction with their money. Her Women & Money podcast is an excellent resource for women to learn about personal finance, investing, and other money-related topics. In addition, the host provides valuable advice on building an attractive portfolio that helps you create wealth over time. 

She also shares her experiences as an entrepreneur and investor to help listeners gain insight into the world of finance. With her expertise and guidance, Suze Orman helps women take control of their finances and create a secure financial future.

2.19 Your World, Your Money

Your World, Your Money is a personal finance podcast that aims to help listeners understand and manage their finances in a changing world. The show may cover a wide range of topics such as budgeting, saving, investing, debt management, and wealth creation, among others, and provide practical advice, tips, and strategies to help listeners take control of their financial future. 

The podcast may also explore the impact of current events and trends on personal finance and how listeners can adapt a step-by-step approach to starting a financially independent life. This podcast is dedicated to helping you make the most of your money. 

2.20 We Study Billionaires

We Study Billionaires is amongst the best finance podcasts focusing on the strategies and practices of some of the world’s wealthiest individuals. The show covers various topics, including investing, entrepreneurship, wealth management, and more. The host of the podcast examines the habits, routines, and philosophies of billionaires and provides insights into what sets them apart from the average person.

It provides insights into the strategies and tactics used by some of the world’s most successful people. Also, you will find resources to develop your business plan and become a billionaire.


  • What Makes a Good Finance Podcast?

A good finance podcast should have the following characteristics: Relevant and up-to-date information: The podcast should provide current and accurate information on personal finance topics, including the latest trends, strategies, and advice. Here are a few considerations – 

  1. The content should be presented in an easy-to-understand manner without using excessive financial jargon or technical terms.  
  2. The podcast should offer listeners actionable tips and strategies they can apply to their financial lives. 
  3. A good finance podcast should cover a wide range of topics, including budgeting, saving, investing, debt management, and retirement planning.  
  4. The podcast should be engaging and entertaining, balanced with informative content and humor.  
  • When Are Finance Podcasts Helpful?

Finance podcasts can be helpful for people at different stages of their financial journey. For beginners: For those new to personal finance, the best finance podcasts can provide a great introduction to various financial topics, including budgeting, saving, investing, and retirement planning. Conversely, finance podcasts can provide valuable insights and practical tips for people who want to improve their financial knowledge and understand complex financial concepts

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